SACD Player & D/A Converter PD-70AESuggested Price: HK$ 18,980

  • Silver


  • Introducing the flagship PD-70AE SACD player, a compilation of Pioneer’s know-how and expertise on disc playback, represented by the original technologies on pickup control and quiet drive. Featuring dual ESS DACs, XLR terminals with full-balanced circuitry, and discreet analogue/digital power supply stage, the PD-70AE brings out the best from your favourite SACD or CD album, letting you experience heart-touching sound with the highfidelity reproduction.

  • Works as a Premium D/A Converter with Digital Audio Inputs

    In addition to being a SACD/CD player, the PD-70AE also functions as a D/A converter for delivering superb sound.
    The carefully designed build-quality brings out the full potential of the high-performance ESS DAC, letting you enjoy solid sound full of rich details from the connected component.

  • Analogue/Digital Discrete Power Supply Circuitry

    The digital and analogue circuitries each have discrete power supply.
    The PD-70AE is designed with the shortest and the most optimal power supply stage as well as audio signal path, to provide pure and rich sound reproduction.

  • Analogue Balanced Output (XLR) and Machined RCA

    Selected terminals are used for analogue balanced output (XLR3), achieving high-resolution sound by quality signal transmission. Machined and goldplated RCA terminals are used for the analogue unbalanced output.
    The analogue unbalanced output can be turned on/off. By turning it off, noise from the unbalanced output can be reduced.

  • Shielded CD Drive Case with Anti-Vibration Paint

    The CD drive is housed in a shielded case with honeycomb mechanism cover and anti-vibration paint. The drive base is securely fixed by an aluminium frame, and placed through a floating structure using damping pulp material.
    This helps to minimise vibration within and outside the drive.

  • Aluminium Disc Tray

    The disc tray is made of die-cast aluminium, which enhances the tray’s rigidity and helps to further stabilize the drive operation.

  • Full Balanced Circuitry

    From D/A conversion to signal output, the whole analogue process is constructed with a full-balanced circuitry featuring independent left and right channels.
    This allows highgrade audio transmission by cutting out the interference from disturbance noise.
    When connected to an amplifier with balanced output, the common impedance in transmission can be minimised, resulting in enhanced channel separation.
    The on/off switching function for RCA output is also available, offering high signal to noise ratio and high separation for XLR output.

  • Custom Electrolytic Capacitors for High-Quality Audio

    A custom electrolytic capacitor for high-grade audio has been selected through repeated trials in listening to SACD and CD sound.
    The capacitor brings out the best from audio discs, letting you enjoy stable performance of powerful and dynamic sound.

  • Lock Range Adjust Function

    The function allows you to make fine adjustments in the DAC’s lock range to reduce jitter in the input signal.
    Adjustments can be made in six steps, with the default set at Range 6. Ranges 1 to 3 are intended for fine-tuning by expert users, with increased frequency of audio cuts.

  • Digital Filter

    The digital filter lets you enjoy three types of sound characteristics by switching the DAC—“Slow” for soft and warm, “Sharp” for solid and tight, and “Short” for quick and forward sound.

  • Rigid Under Base Construction

    The PD-70AE adopts the Rigid Under Base, Pioneer’s high-quality sound technology for 2-channel components, which works to eliminate external vibrations, providing steady bass reproduction.

  • Anti-Standing Wave Insulator

    The Anti-Standing Wave Insulator has been developed through repeated listening tests, featuring a special form with no parallel sides inside to prevent cavity resonance.
    This makes the sound localization, tone, and scale clearer, while also enhancing the response to quick sound.